2017 Spring Bridal Shower Trends

17 Mar

She said, “Yes!” A loved one got engaged, and it is time to get planning. While the wedding day is the BIG day and, rightly so, demands the majority attention in the planning process, let’s not forget all of the prenuptial celebrations!

A classic party before the wedding is the Bridal Shower. Traditionally a more intimate gathering, this is the time when the bride’s closest friends and family celebrate the couple. While typically hosted by the maid of honor and bridesmaids, today anything goes! Family and friends often pitch in and bring creativity and fun energy to the planning and party.

Bridal Shower Personalized Cocktail Stirrer and Custom Coasters

A bridal shower is as unique as the couple you are celebrating—it can be extravagant and upscale, modern and edgy, or casual and relaxed. Whatever you choose, try and reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. You will often see a shower mimicking the theme of the wedding.

Featured below is a popular look using Shiny Gold Foil on party accessories that will complement any bridal shower. The combination of whites and neutrals with gold foil is as classic as the day itself and makes an elegant and grand statement.

Personalized Party Favor