10 Best Summer Home Decor Trends to Refresh Your House

2 Aug

We're still holding onto summer and all the ways it can breathe sunshine into different aspects of life. There's still time to create a summer sensation in your home! While you might be spending more time outside during the summer months, you still want to create your perfect paradise for chilling out and hosting memorable summer parties indoors.

Get rid of those winter chills and discover how you can bring a seasonal vibe into your home. Leave that Christmas-inspired dinnerware in the back of the cupboard and take a look at our list of the hottest home decor trends.

There’s something about the sunshine that just makes us want to open our home and hearts to friends and family and host lots of parties and get-togethers. Now is the perfect time of year to give your home a little TLC and inject some new life into your living space.  

The trendiest color palettes of the season

Your color palette will be the foundation and backdrop of your room refresh. Choose your colors to express your personality in every detail and create a fabulous atmosphere for living and hosting. Follow these simple recommendations of the coolest summer shades.

1. The color pops

While neutral will always be on trend, it is decidedly a 'safe' choice. This summer, dare to be a little bolder and accentuate with big, bright colors. You can stick to one color or shade in one room, or if you’re feeling brave mix and match a number of complementing eye-catching colors, textures and patterns. Set your creativity free with a color explosion and bring joy to your interior design!

2. The vacay home vibe: blue and white

The timeless color pairing of blues and white is a forever favorite. Bring summer dreams of Greek islands into your home with calming, soothing blues and the clean, clear crispness of white. This classic color combo brings vibes of perfect blue skies and fluffy white clouds that will turn your room into a tranquil space. You’ll soon feel all your worries float away!

blue inspiration for home decor

3. The ombre wall

Ombre comes from the French word meaning ‘to shade,’ and it’s all the rage (in more places than just the hair salon)! In terms of interior design, the word refers to the technique of adding gradual color from light to dark, whether it’s on one painted wall, or achieved through various furnishings throughout the room.

Gradual shading a wall, starting with dark near the floor and transitioning lighter as you near the ceiling, gives a whimsical, boho-chic effect. More importantly, ombre walls give the appearance of the room being bigger than it really is, which is great for opening up those smaller spaces.

4. The ice-cream color inspiration

What better way to bring summer inside than with ice-cream colors. These refreshing pastel shades resemble your favorite ice-cream flavors to give a cool and calming effect. Whether you go for a large scoop with an apricot-orange accent wall or you prefer to sprinkle some bubblegum pink or mint green accessories throughout the decor or your tableware, you’ll be sure to add sweet character to your home.

green ice cream bowl inspiration

The cool home decor details you need to style right away

Every house-proud person knows that paying attention to detail is the key to successfully creating your desired ambiance. Having the right home accessories will be the finishing touch to your stylish summer home. Of course, it’s so much more than a few run-of-the-mill ornaments. Here are some great ways to complete your home makeover.

5. A tropical-themed corner

Popular for its punchy and bright colors, a tropical theme allows you to create an exotic paradise in the comfort of your home. Layer golds, greens and pinks with palm and plant motifs for a rich and vibrant tropical visual effect. Pro tip: use an oil-diffuser with tropical summer scents of coconut or pineapple and create a truly tropical oasis.

tropical inspired room decor

6. Plants and foliage all around the house: in and outdoors

For instant summer vibes bring the outdoors inside! Houseplants don’t have to be restricted to a windowsill pot—get creative with an indoor vy to make a green, statement wall. Hanging plants are also a great way to turn those bare corners into beautiful cascading displays of greenery. Don’t be scared to pack the room with plants. Natural green is the new black! With so many health benefits too, you can never have too many!

7. Trendy and fresh dinnerware sets

Of course, if you’re revamping the dining room, then a designer dinnerware set will really tie the room together. Serve your delicious summer salads to your guests on a funky patterned plate and they will be more than impressed with your artistic flair and attention to detail. Pair your new dinnerware with personalized dinner napkins featuring your family monogram and designed in colors to complement your newly treasured dishes. Hosting will have never looked better!

unique designer dinnerware

8. Sheets with summery pattern to transform your bedroom

Treat yourself to some luxury bed sheets and enjoy slipping in between the cools covers at the end of a busy day. The summer calls for lighter shades and cheerful hues, and this season it’s all about the small floral patterns for that delicate touch.

9. Chic garden design

When you’re giving your home a summer touch up, don’t forget to include your outdoor space. Shabby-chic is all the rage just now and is an easy style to integrate into your garden. Distressed furniture adds a country cottage feel, while some ornate lanterns will add a romantic atmosphere to those sultry summer nights.

garden design decorations

10. Accents, accents, accents: sculptures, souvenirs, antiques

Make a statement in your home with a few accent pieces strategically placed for maximum effect. You can use handcrafted glass or large ceramics to add a flair of drama. Display them together as a collection, bringing instant color and alluring detail to your roomscape.

Why not take a trip to the local antique shops for those more unusual pieces and create a stunning table centerpiece? Choosing an item with some history will make for a great conversation starter at your next dinner party!



Post and images created in partnership with AnnaVasily