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Tempo Place Card with Envelope

Our Tempo place cards are a perfect square shape: 3.25 inches wide by 3.25 inches tall—making them our tallest place cards and each comes with a matching envelope.

Add a unique touch to your wedding or party by creating personalized place cards today. Just use this on-page personalization tool to create your seating cards that are perfect for your event.

Tempo place cards with envelopes come in a wide range of Natural, Poptone, Linen, Stardream, Shiny, Metallic, Luxe and Neon paper colors and you can choose between imprint colors that are shiny, matte or satin-style.

Or consider pre-made, on-trend designs from our staff of in-house graphic designers, with options including Shiny Copper print on Black Lizard-colored paper and Shiny 18 Kt. Gld matched with Stardream Chambray paper.

Minimum order of only 25 cards.

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