What's Your Spring Wedding Palette?

19 Feb

Spring wedding colors are bursting with variety and are just plain gorgeous! As you're spring wedding planning, we suggest starting by taking a moment for some color inspiration. Your wedding colors will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your spring wedding, and they are colors you’ll be looking at in your totally fab wedding photo book for decades to come—so finding a color palette that you love is pretty important! We’ve gathered a collection of color palettes that are trending, yet also have a touch of timeless beauty that won't have you cringing while looking back through that wedding book 😉.

Blushing Color Palette Wedding Party Photo

Blushing Combinations

We are seeing a lot of color combinations that include blush, the oh-so-lovely shade of pink that has become a multi-season favorite in the wedding color world. It’s a pink that absolutely does not feel young or babyish, but instead it has a timeless and soft appeal. We’ve seen several gorgeous spring wedding palettes that feature blush: dusty blue and blush, rose gold and blush, and maroon and blush are all totally beautiful in very different ways. And, of course, we can’t help but think of Steel Magnolias! (Who remembers that Blush and Bashful palette?!) Seriously though, blush is still having it's moment and is pairing well with metallics and pastels, as well as the moodier colors that are so in style right now.

Living Coral Bridal Party Photo

Pantone's Living Coral

Align your Spring 2019 wedding color palette with the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral! A vibrant color that mixes well with everything from pastel pinks (and makes them pop!) to moody grays, you really can’t go wrong with Living Coral. Your spring wedding color palette will be totally on point with Living Coral as a featured color! We love the way this color is being used as the pop of color in numerous palettes.

Darling Yellow Wedding Color Palette Floral Photo

Darling Yellow

Don’t overlook adding spring's darling, yellow, to your spring 2019 wedding color palette. Yellow daffodils are one of the first signs of spring, even when there is still snow that may fall. Yellow is also one of those colors that can blend into a pastel color palette with dusty blue or sage green, but can also pop when so perfectly paired with a deep maroon for a totally different effect. Give your favorite shade of yellow the featured role it deserves in your spring 2019 wedding.

Shades of Purple Palette Floral Arch and Aisle

Shades of Purple

While some voices out there are saying that purple’s popularity is fading, we are definitely still seeing some gorgeous shades of purple ready to give your spring wedding a perfect color palette. Paired with a vibrant green, deep violet pops so beautifully! Of course, a muted lilac paired with shimmery silver gives a totally different and equally fabulous impact.

Garden Party Wedding Color Palette

Garden Party Rainbow 

Why stick with 2-3 colors for your wedding color palette when you can work with an array of colors? A garden party combination does just this. Grounded by a fresh green, your flowery array of colors are inspired by a spring flower garden. Soft lilacs, buttery yellows and blushing pinks will all show beautifully at your spring wedding.


Blushing Palette: Photo by Eyelet Images 
Living Coral Palette: Photo by Ace & Whim 
Darling Yellow Palette: Photo by Samm Blake 
Shades of Purple: Photo by Dalal Photography
Garden Party Palette: photo Wisteria Photography