Unique Ways To Thank The Wedding Party

12 Dec

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well on your way to planning the wedding of your dreams! The bachelor party has come and gone, as well as the bridal shower. Think of who has been there to help make sure everything goes off without a hitch—your loyal wedding party! Ok, so the planning isn’t over yet; it does require a bit more to properly thank this special group of friends and family. However, we’re here to help by bringing you a few unique gift ideas that your bridesmaids and groomsmen are sure to appreciate!

wedding bridal party gift ideas

Curated Gift Boxes:

Gift and subscription boxes are extremely popular right now! However, oftentimes when you receive one, whether you’ve ordered it yourself or it’s a gift from your boss, there may be an item or two included that you’re less than excited about. Now, you can curate your own special gift box for your friends and family! What is a better than to give your bridesmaids or groomsmen a box full of indulgent items you know they will love?! Your wedding party will be thanking you for taking the time to keep their interests in mind, not just giving them things that will collect dust on a shelf.

prosecco party napkins, cups and party favors

Useful and Unique Accessories:

The options for purchasing accessories are truly limitless. We have a few different ideas that will fit a variety of wedding themes and personalities of your peeps.

If you plan to have your ceremony and reception during a sunny day, then offer your wedding party quality sunglasses as a gift . Now, we’re not talking cheap sunglasses that you can buy by the hundreds. Make this gift extra thoughtful by considering each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen personal styles! Choose a pair for each person to ensure that these sunnies will become their go-to frames!

Craft beer and breweries are blowing up right now! Every big city and small town in the USA seem to have a new brewery popping up every week. If you have any beer aficionados in your group or just people who enjoy to hit up new, local spots then gift them a personalized growler they can fill up on their next trip! You can buy a glass or metal growler then personalize it with their name or initials. If nothing else, they will have a cool collectors' items to display on their bar cart!

Looking to spice up the bar cart for a bridal party member that doesn’t choose beer as their booze of choice? We have the perfect gift set for them as well! These party sets come with everything your friend will need for their own personal cocktail hours, minus the booze itself. A Brown Booze Bar Insta Party is ideal for your brown booze lovers and a Wait a Prosecco Insta Party will be sure to be adored by those who like to pop open a bottle of sparkly to say “cheers!”

brown booze bar cocktail napkins and bar cups

Instant Camera:

We LOVE these instant, film cameras. A modern blast from the past, they are compact enough to carry in a handbag and fun to have to capture every special moment life has to offer. Think of all of the unique photos you will get from your wedding party’s point of view when they are excited to start snapping the day of your wedding! Plus, each person will love to use this gift long after your special day is over whether it’s on an upcoming trip, a party or their next wedding of the season!

instant camera

An Experience:

This idea is something we don’t see often, but we absolutely love because it’s unique, personal and thoughtful. Think of each bridesmaid and groomsman individually: their style, interests and hobbies, then gift them an activity or event to attend post-wedding. If someone loves plays, then gift them and their significant other tickets to the local theater. If you know your MOH will need a spa day after your wedding festivities, book her a massage and facial. Or maybe your best man has been talking about going skydiving for years—this is the perfect chance to gift him the adventure! This is an option that will require more footwork for you and your fiancé, but it will pay off when your wedding party can tell how much hard work you put into finding each person the perfect gift.


Bridal Party image by Gina + Ryan via Everyday Pursuits
Sunglasses image via Warby Parker
Camera image via Urban Outfitters