Tissue Paper Pom Pom DIY

22 Jan

Tissue paper pom poms are a simple party decoration that you can easily make yourself! Since tissue paper comes in so many colors, they're sure to fit into your color scheme. With a sweet, airy look, pom poms are adorable for birthday parties, baby showers, bat mitzvahs, bridal showers and graduation parties! You can add them to your dessert table, make a bright entrance way, fun photobooth backdrop, or even craft a table runner with pom poms, flowers and balloons. 


The Best Way to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms: 

What you need: 
 - Tissue Paper
 - Stapler 
 - Scissors

What you do:
1. Start with the color of your choice and stack at least 5 sheets together. The more sheets you use, the fuller your pom pom will be! You can also vary the size of your pom poms by how wide your paper is. We kept our sheets folded in half widthwise for a medium size pom pom. For larger, unfold the sheets completely; for smaller, fold in quarters. 

2. Without separating the stack, accordion fold the entire length with about one-inch folds. To accordion fold: take your inch of paper and fold up, creasing along the fold. Then, fold the same amount under, creasing along the fold. Continue for the entire length. Once complete, you should be left with a long rectangle about an inch wide.

diy tissue pom poms

3. Next, staple once in the middle of your folded tissue. Then, round each end by cutting a small bit of paper off in an arching direction. This will give your pom poms that nice floral look. Experiment with different cuts for different looks!

4. Finally, separate the layers by gently pulling outwards to create your ball shape. 

diy tissue pom poms

And you're all done, ta-daah! Use tape, tacks or string to adorn your party with these adorable balls of color.

diy tissue pom poms