Quiz: Discover Your Bridal Shower Style

2 May

What makes a bridal shower unique and meaningful ultimately comes down to how the bride-to-be's personality is reflected in the details and theme. Good news hosts—identifying the perfect bridal shower theme does not have to be a shot in the dark, nor do you have to spend too much precious planning time deciding on ideas for a bridal shower's look and feel.

Just answer these six questions to discover what style or theme bridal shower resonates best with your bride-to-be. Then, tally up which letter you answered most and get ideas for planning her perfect bridal shower.

QUESTIONS: Pick the best answer describing the bride-to-be

1.Her outfits are usually...
a.) dressy or formal structured outfits in neutral colors
b.) casual but comfy; usually loose and flowy
c.) hip and trendy with bright colors and prints.
d.) Athleisure...athletic-ish

2. The majority of the books on her shelf are:  
a.) novels
b.) non-fiction/ DIY
c.) fashion magazines
d.) National Geographic

3. She is most likely to_______on a warm summer day.
a.) stay indoors, so long as the AC’s on
b.) relax in a shady area or have a picnic under a tree
c.) go to the beach
d.) take a hot yoga class

4. When it comes to holidays, the bride-to-be is most likely to________.
a.) go above and beyond; she will definitely be the one to host an amazing holiday party
b.) make as many decorations and bake as many cookies as she possibly can
c.) ask if she can come to your place or be your +1 at the company holiday party
d.) snuggle up in comfies, watch old movies or listen to her favorite tunes

5. The bride to be can never have too much or enough ________.
a.) attention
b.) information
c.) fun & excitement
d.) shoes

6. The last amazing trip she posted pictures of on social media _______.
a.) were selfies of her at the top of the Eiffel Tower
b.) actually weren't share on social
c.) involved sun, sand and drinks in hand
d.) were of hiking in a rural or remote location

RESULTS: Identify the perfect bridal shower theme
If the majority of your answers were...

A’s: Afternoon Tea: a lovely and lavish party with teacups and saucers, teapots and small plates with beautiful floral prints and metallic edges. Put together a dainty menu consisting of small finger cut sandwiches, beautiful pastries, small cakes and biscuits.

B’s: Rustic Garden Chic: an outdoor, preferably botanical, setting featuring natural and neutral color hues with splashes of bright or pastel colors. Set rustic or burlap inspired tables paired with distressed woods and, of course, ample succulent arrangements.

C’s: Girlie Glam: flirty and feminine, encapsulating a strong feminine vibe by pairing black and white with bold hues of pink, all accented by metallics and bling. Go all out with glitter, gold and rose (and rosè!). Overhead chandeliers, pinwheel backdrops and mixed rose flower arrangements will definitely say girlie glam.  

D’s: Sun & Sand: a breezy, tropical seascape combined with a relaxing beachy vibe makes this warm and bright color palette of fun in the sun. Decorate with thatched palapa-style umbrellas and light-weight fabric canopies and set tables with floor seating like beautiful plush pillows and colorful rugs. Incorporate a coastal and nautical mood by adding driftwood and seashells to the tablescape.


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