Pearl and Shell Cookies Perfect for Mermaid Parties

4 Jun
mermaid clam cookies diy

Decorate your dessert table with pretty sweet treats at your next summer party! These Pearl and Shell Cookies are perfection for your trendy mermaid themed party. Always adorable, we have totally jumped on board (or should we say overboard?) with the mermaid theme. You can class up the party with pearls and soft pastels for your best whimsical mermaid look. There are also sooooo many fabulous saying you can use, depending on the occasion as well..."drink up, beaches...lemme take a shellfie...we mermaid to be friends." We could keep going. 

A cute mermaid party detail we love are these Pearl and Shell Cookies. Easy to make, simple to serve and a great aesthetic addition to your party dessert table, these cookies are sure to be a mermaid favorite. Here's a quick how-to!

Pearl and Shell Clam Shaped Cookies

What You Need

What You Do

  1. Make or buy your sugar cookies. If you are making them, use a scalloped cookie cutter for the shape.
  2. Combine your icing with a couple drops of food coloring (here is where you can really match your goodies to your party color palette) and mix well. 
  3. Ice the 'bottoms' of your shell cookies. Carefully place the 'top' of your shell, with one side sticking up a little more than the other, to give the appearance of an open shell. 
  4. Finally, place your pearl by pushing the chocolate piece into the icing between the cookies. 
  5. Add to your table, and enjoy the party with all of your pretty mermaid details!
how to make clam pearl cookies for mermaid parties
how to make clam pearl cookies for mermaid parties
mermaid party table