Match Your Wedding Monogram to Your Style

8 Oct

Wedding monograms are a beautiful and enduring tradition that many brides incorporate into their wedding day style. Whether they use a single initial on personalized wedding monogram cocktail napkins or they follow the tradition of unveiling their new married monogram at the reception, modern brides are incorporating their wedding monogram in their wedding decor in many gorgeous ways!

personalized 2 initial branch cocktail napkins

The variety of wedding monogram styles available today ranges from traditional to modern, and from a single initial to creative designs that allow for a 4th initial or a hyphenated last name. Interestingly, monogramming etiquette has shifted in recent years in response to the many monogramming scenarios that are not accounted for in older, traditional monogramming etiquette rules. Truly, there has never been a better time to embrace your wedding monogram!

personalized modern monogram cocktail napkins

Do you love the idea of using a monogram at your wedding, but find that a traditional one doesn’t match your wedding style? No worries, your custom wedding monogram can easily be designed to match your wedding style. From rustic flower and branch designs to sleek and modern initials, you’ll find a look that works for you!

customized 2 initial monogram cocktail napkins

Casual Wedding Monograms

We all love the useful and sentimental monogrammed matches wedding favor, but a traditional monogram may just not look quite right at a rustic barn reception. If your wedding style will be more relaxed or if you gravitate toward designs that look hand lettered when you are considering your personalized wedding accessories, a hand drawn wreath encircling your first initials on your custom wedding cocktail napkins may match your style better than a traditional, formal monogram.

customized basketweave cocktail napkin

Modern Wedding Monograms

If your wedding is a modern or even minimalist affair, a monogram that uses a bold font like Nuetra or Futura will give you a modern take on a classic look that complements your wedding stye. Coordinate your monogram with your wedding colorway to create a look for your custom wedding monogram cocktail napkins or monogram coasters that reflects your new married monogram without compromising the look and feel you've been envisioning since day one.

custom designed hexagon coaster

Vintage Wedding Monograms

If your wedding day style beckons days gone by with vintage vibe, feature your wedding monogram wherever you want to: on your custom wedding accessories, projected onto the dance floor and iced into your gorgeous wedding cake. A beautiful monogram is a perfect detail to add to your vintage wedding theme. Your custom monogram cocktail napkins will be sure to be tucked in the purses of many of your guests as a memento of your special day, and your personalized monogram matches you offer as wedding favors will remind them of the fun they had at your wedding.

personalized monogrammed cocktail napkin

Regardless of your wedding style, you can find a wedding monogram to match! Get creative with your napkin or paper colors and the foil stamping to create a truly unique custom monogram for your wedding day!