Last Minute St. Patrick's Party Ideas

12 Mar

The countdown to St. Patrick’s Day is ON! If you find yourself a bit unprepared, here are some fun, easy and, most importantly, last minute friendly ideas to take your St. Patty’s Day party from last minute planning to long lasting memories!

St. Patrick's Day table runner via Apres Fete

St. Patrick's Day Brunch

Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, it’s not ideal to plan a rollicking party that will go late into the night. No one needs a St. Patrick’s Day themed Monday hangover, amiright!? So, take what’s best about Sundays (hint: brunch) and give it a St. Patty’s Day spin. Authentic Irish breakfast foods, sparkling shamrock champagne cocktails in lieu of mimosas and boozy Irish whiskey pudding for dessert. Boom. St. Patrick’s Day slayed.

sparkling shamrock cocktail via Taryn Williford

St. Patrick’s Day Green Bar

Serving green drinks on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a new idea, but let’s move beyond free-flowing green beer, and curate a bar cart display with several St. Patrick’s Day inspired cocktails. For a classy, day drinking option, stock the bar for Rye Smashes and Lucky Leprechauns and pre-mix some green sangria (yes, that’s a thing!). For more options, add Dirty Irishman ingredients and Guinness, of course, and your green bar has something for everyone. 

Rainbow Balloon DIY via Bashery

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow DIY

There’s not really time for an elaborate DIY, but with the right supplies, you can still give your St. Patrick’s Day some DIY flair. Pamelyn at Bashery created a genius, yet simple, rainbow balloon DIY using the long skinny balloons that are most often used to make balloon animals. The result is totally adorable. We’ve also seen some cute ideas using edible gold spray on Oreos, cakes, etc that turns average snacks into a “pot of gold.”

Irish butter shortbread via Martha Stewart

St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Appreciation Edition

Take your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations a bit deeper this year by exploring his history (spoiler: he’s not from Ireland) and some Irish customs and history. Bake some traditional Irish butter shortbread or listen to some Irish music (anything from bagpipes to the Cranberries qualifies). Immerse yourselves in another land’s ways for a day this St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day drink "Dirty Irishman"


sparkling shamrock champagne cocktail via Taryn Williford
boozy Irish whiskey pudding via
Tablescape image via Apres Fete

Green Sangria via Delish Dlites
Lucky Leprechaun via Refinery 29
Rye Smash via Refinery29
Dirty Irishman via ForYourParty
rainbow balloon DIY via Bashery
Irish butter shortbread via Martha Stewart