How to Save on Your Destination Wedding

9 Jan

Did you know that the average cost of a traditional wedding is over $33,000? That said, the thought of having a luxury destination wedding may seem financially impossible to somehow. Surprisingly though the average cost for an international destination wedding is actually less—more like $27,000 or $28,000. (PS—a destination wedding doesn't have to be international to count as a destination.) So if you're taking a hard look at your wedding budget and thinking to have more of an "experience wedding" for your guests, a destination may be the way to go!

destination beach wedding by Syd Sujuaan

Save on your Destination Wedding with the right location

What are the best ways to have a destination wedding, while still staying within budget? First, decide on a location. Depending on where you choose, and whether it’s in the US or international, look to book around off-season dates for significant savings. You could also consider holiday weekends such as Mother's Day, Fourth of July and Halloween, when people tend not to travel as much. 

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Destination Location Packages

After choosing the location, ask around to find the best deals. Should you book an all-inclusive wedding package? While that can seem daunting, it can actually save you money in the long run. All-inclusive packages can help you have a better understanding of your expenses and typically offer significant discounts. You can also ask to customize packages so that it’s best suited for your needs. Some resorts even provide a wedding coordinator. Destination Weddings can also help you find the best and customizable options.

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Save on your destination wedding with a smaller guest list


Another perk of having a destination wedding is that the guest list is typically smaller. Not only does that save money on wedding invites and wedding favors, but you can also stick to a smaller budget overall. A lot of resorts even offer group rates, be sure to ask if your group size qualifies when booking. You can tend to receive discounts for rooms, and other activities, dining, and transportation. You can search around for other discounts too by using browser extensions that aim to save you money.


Destination wedding photo by Abby Jui

Destination Wedding + Honeymoon Combo

Since you’re already traveling for your destination wedding, make a trip out of it and have your honeymoon there as well! There’s no way you’ll get to experience all the culture and activities in the midst of wedding planning and the ceremony, so this will be a great way to unwind and appreciate the sights. You can also skip on additional airfare costs, and bundling the wedding with the honeymoon comes with additional savings or upgrades like additional nights free of charge.

destination wedding photo by Arshad Pooloo

Destination Wedding Legalities

Lastly, (but way, super important) remember to make sure you’re legally married before you reach your destination. Every destination has different laws, so save yourself the legal fees and the stress by taking care of it beforehand and let the destination wedding as a symbolic ceremony. The last thing you need at your destination wedding is a legal dilemma!

Embrace the possibility that a destination wedding may just be in your budget after all! With a little research, you may find that your dream destination wedding is actually more affordable than a hometown celebration!


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Photo by Syd Sujuaan on Unsplash

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