This Gemstone Bridal Shower Theme You're Going to Want to Use

8 Nov

If you’re scrolling for a bridal shower theme that highlights what an absolute gem your bestie is, then look no further than For Your Party’s new Gemstone Bridal Shower suite! With an adorable “What a Gem!” message, and the bride-to-be’s name prominently on the design, the result is a gorgeous look with such a sweet message!

Personalized party accessories for your Gemstone Bridal Shower theme

Custom design your bridal shower stadium cups and cocktail napkins for a fab combination of personalization and function. Our custom stadium cups are reusable, so they double as party favors, so that’s a win/win! 

personalized stadium cups for your gemstone themed bridal shower

Pass your signature cocktails, beer, LeCroix, or whatever floats your boat with a personalized cocktail napkin that celebrates your guest of honor in a major way! Is it even a party without personalized cocktail napkins?!

adorable gemstone themed bridal shower cocktail napkin for your bestie's shower

Add another layer of personalization with custom matches with a bold gemstone graphic and a variety of paper colors to choose from. Personalized matchbooks are a favorite party favor option, too!

custom designed matches in gemstone bridal party theme make a great party favor

You’ll love the coordinated look you can achieve with your custom designed party accessories, and your guest of honor will never forget the sweet sentiment of the Gemstone Bridal Shower theme. With matches and cups as party favors, your guests will be remembering the epic night of celebration for a long time, too!