Easy Balloon Decoration DIY

28 Jan

Balloons are a quintessential element of party décor. They are perfectly sweet on their own, and can be dressed up for a gorgeous effect. From gender reveal antics to annual birthday photos to extravagant balloon installations, balloons can add a festive touch or be a featured element of your party décor.

Dress Up Balloons DIY

Here at For Your Party, we offer designer balloons designer balloons in five festive colors with fun messages on them like “yay ” and “will you be my bridesmaid?” No matter what type of event you are planning, we have the perfect balloons for your occasion.

One simple way to dress up your balloons is by adding a floral element. With some floral tape, ribbon and the flowers or greenery of your choice, you can easily upgrade your balloons to unique gift and, of course, a totally instagrammable moment.

"will you be my bridesmaid?" balloon dress up

Dress Up Balloons DIY

  1. Gather supplies: helium inflated balloons, flowers, ribbon

  2. Prepare supplies: trim flowers to desired size, cut ribbon desired length

  3. If pairing a flower stem with greenery, secure them together with a bit of floral tape

  4. Put together floral balloons: hold the flowers close to the base of the balloon, tying the ribbon around both, securing the flower to the base of the balloon.



•too many flowers will make the balloon sink from the extra weight

•don’t choose flowers with thorns or sharp greenery 

•order a few extra inflated balloons to allow for accidental popping