Custom Cups for Your Winter Wedding

2 Dec

As you plan your winter wedding, don’t underestimate the power of personalized cups at your wedding reception! There is just something about cheers-ing with a custom designed cup that makes the unforgettable moments all the more special!

Pass your signature cocktails in personalized style at your glitzy winter wedding reception with customized frost flex cups. Not only are personalized frost flex cups formal enough for wedding use, but they are also reusable, so they make a great wedding favor. Plus, any leftover cups can go toward stocking the bar cart in your new home! Win/win!

custom designed frost flex cups for your winter wedding

Choose metallic screen printing colors to give a glamorous wintery look to your custom frost flex cups. Available in six sizes, you can curate coordinating designs on your frost flex cups, depending on what you’re planning to be served at your wedding reception. Whether you are serving cocktails, beer or soda, we have a personalized wedding cup size for you. When ordering cups, remember that the liquid amount you pour in the cup will be less than the ounce size of the cup. “Flush fill” refers to the amount of liquid you can pour into the cup to the brim, so be sure to order a size up to allow room for bubbles, foam or ice.

Recommended sizes for Custom Wedding Cups:

Frost Flex 9oz (8.7 oz flush fill volume) — wine & spirits on the rocks

Frost Flex 10oz (9.6 oz flush fill volume) — wine & signature drinks

Frost Flex 12oz (11.1 oz flush fill volume) — mixed & signature drinks

Frost Flex 14oz (13.8 oz flush fill volume) — mixed & signature drinks

Frost Flex 16oz (15.1 oz flush fill volume) — beer

Frost Flex 24oz (22.3 oz flush fill volume) — soda & water

personalized wedding cups for your winter wedding reception

If you’re serving warm drinks at your winter wedding, you’ll want to add either styrofoam or paper cups that are made to withstand the temperature. Coordinate your cups to have the same designs, or opt for a classic, formal design for your frost flex cups and use a clever quip on your hot beverage cups. Your design options are endless, and finding the unique look that complements your wedding style will be easy as you browse our designer created looks in our galleries.

When it’s all said and done and your wedding is behind you, you’ll love noticing your custom cups in all of your wedding photos, and you’ll especially appreciate having a stocked supply of custom cups for your home bar. Start designing your winter wedding custom cups today!