5 Ways to Use Marble in Party Decorations

9 Nov

Last year, marble began to resurface as a hip accent in both home design and fashion. Now, from clothing, shoes and jewelry, to phone cases, statement countertops and suitcases (yes, suitcases), the marble trend is still going strong. And for good reason! With a stunningly natural aesthetic and always unique swirling design, the look definitely has widespread appeal.

We’ve put together 5 ways you can use marble in your wedding and party decorations, including our new Marble Cocktail Napkins.

1. Barware

It’s time for you to introduce our beautiful personalized Marble Cocktail Napkins to your party planning repertoire! Currently available in three shades, these trendy bar accessories were first created in their true art form by For Your Party designers. After they marbled their hearts out, a design was chosen and then digitally transferred to napkins, exclusive to For Your Party. You can’t find a custom napkin much more unique than that. Simply add your fun party quote, new last name or signature cocktail recipe in a fabulous foil stamp of your choice. Then, add to your wedding or event bar and wow with every drink!

personalized marble wedding napkins


personalized marble cocktail napkins

For Your Party Photography


2. Place settings

How gorgeous are these plate chargers!? They definitely add a depth to each setting. You can add a marble flair to place settings with chargers, place cards, napkins, coasters and so much more! Get creative. You’ll enjoy the adventure and guests will appreciate the touch.

marble plate chargers

Gathered Table Supply Co.

3. Ceremony Accents

This marble aisle runner is beyond belief. The bride actually had the pattern transferred to an oversized canvas to create the look! You can work marble into your event space with a runner such as this, a vows backdrop or even with marbled candle holders.

marble wedding runner

Photography by Three Pennies, courtesy of The Perfect Palette


4. Signage

One thing that makes marble so versatile is that the patterns can often be soft and neutral. This makes for the perfect, classy background for signage used at your event—such as a wedding welcome sign, your menu and even the seating chart. Adding this detail will be a lovely touch to enhancing your theme.

marble wedding welcome sign

Photography by Lost In Love Photography, courtesy of Modern Wedding


5. Food

Desserts have truly become a work of art. Chat with your local bakery to create something spectacular like this marble wedding cake. The icing on sugar cookies and cupcakes also turns out fabulous with a marbled design.

marble wedding cake

Photography by Lemonade Pictures courtesy of B.LOVED