5 Ways to Use a 40 Strike Match

18 Sep

Are you looking for a way to update the classic custom matchbox party favor? For Your Party’s 40 strike matchbooks offer 33% more matches, and their larger size makes a big impact. Our custom 40 strike matchbooks are available in crisp, high gloss white paper, with countless foil stamping colors in shiny, matte or satin finish. The larger matchbook size allows a generous space for your custom design, too! Take your upcoming event to the next level with personalized 40 strike matchbooks.

personalized wedding 40 strike matchbooks

40 Strike Matches for Sparkler Send-offs

Planning a sparkler send-off? Design personalized 40 strike matchbooks to pass out along with the sparklers. Express your appreciation for your guests’ attendance at your wedding with a sweet message of thanks foil stamped on your custom 40 strike matchbooks. The extra personalization will give your wedding send off a sentimental touch. Plus, your guests will think of that beautiful, sparkly moment every time they use their matches in the following months.

custom designed thank you 40 strike matches

40 Strike Matches for Teacher Gifts

End of the school year teacher gifts always seem to sneak up on parents (amirite?!). This year, get ahead of the game by designing custom 40 strike matchbooks with a message of appreciation along with your family’s last name. Attach your personalized 40 strike matchbooks to lovely scented candles to give to all the teachers who invest in your children every day! With the right timeless design, you can have a stash of “thank you” matches on hand for those moments that a token of gratitude is needed. Never again will you be dashing to the local gift card aisle in a panic, and the teachers will appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

custom wedding date 40 strike matchbooks

40 Strike Matches as Save the Dates

Do you want to send save the dates but want to do something a little bit different? Why not design custom save the date 40 strike matches? With many designs that play on themes like “the perfect match,” you will have plenty of options to make the design just right for you and your beloved. Order plenty, because leftovers can be used at engagement parties, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. You’ll love having such a useful and memorable save the date!

Personalized Greatest Adventure 40 Strike Matchbooks

40 Strike Matches at your Engagement Party

Heat up your engagement party with custom designed 40 strike matchbooks! Choose a design that with staying power by opting for a two initial monogram design, or one that celebrates "our greatest adventure". With such a variety of foil stamping colors and designs available, you can easily coordinate with your party theme and decor. Your guests will appreciate such a useful party favor, and you’ll love having the leftovers as you settle into married life.

Customized 40 strike matches for your home bar

40 Strike Matches on your Home Bar

Upgrade your home kitchen and bar with customized 40 strike matches. Design a family monogram or use a single initial design. You’ll love the personalized touch it brings to daily life and your home hosting. The classic white paper color will give your design a perfect background to truly shine! Design your customized 40 strike matchbooks to coordinate with your kitchen decor or use a graphic that represents your family’s interests. Start designing and find the look that reflects you the best.