Scallop Coaster Gift Set Our Scallop Coaster Gift set includes 45 coasters and comes in a sturdy plastic box. Our bar coasters are  made of uncoated pulp board, in Eggshell and are 40pt. Our Scallop Coaster Gift set includes 45 coasters and comes in a sturdy plastic box. Our bar coasters are made of uncoated pulp board, in Eggshell and are 40pt. 0 stars, based on 0 reviews 1 35

About this Scallop Coaster Gift Set

Our Eggshell Scallop Coaster Gift Set with Matte Black Imprint Foil Color can't be beat. Your party is your chance to showcase your style.

ForYourParty: The Personalization Experts

We specialize in paper & personalization. We are expert foil stampers and apply our trade to a wide variety of products. From napkins to matches, welcome bags to menus, invitations to note cards, we are THE foil experts! But we don’t stop there. We also offer embossed products, Repoussé, full color/photo napkins and coasters, cups and a myriad of other exciting offerings. Our staff are all talented graphic artists and unlike other shops, we manufacture our products giving us artistic leeway and production control. Having worked with major bridal and lifestyle publications (Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides etc.), many designers and stationers, we are confident that our products will exceed your expectations. We are affordable, creative, friendly, customer service driven, innovative, dog friendly and here to help you make your party dreams come true! Give our Design Your Own tool a try, order from our extensive library of customizable designs, submit your own art or call us to make you a unique design. At ForYourParty, we make it easy for you! Have a great party!


If you are having trouble customizing product, check out this demonstration video.
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Customizing/Personalizing Your Product

Most products have two ways for you to create your own design. The easiest way to begin is to look through the the many design samples that have already been created and select one you like. Once selected you can use the customizer to modify or change as many or as few of the design elements as you wish to create your own design.

If you have a very specific idea in mind you can also create your own design and build what you are looking for from a blank canvas, just choose the “create your own design” product and begin designing.

Using the Customizer

Selecting how you would like to begin the customizing process starts the customizer application. This application allows you to select from various options that are available for each product.

  • Select what you want to customize by clicking or tapping on the menu title or the plus sign.
  • Make changes and see them updated in the live preview.
  • Select items in the preview by clicking or tapping on them .
  • You can move a selected item by dragging it or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Changing text alignment flush left, flush right, centered or freeform also moves the item.

When your done customizing, click or tap on the “I’m Finished” button and you will be able to save your design to purchase later or approve your design and add it to your shopping cart.

Just because the customizer has Graphics and text options doesn’t mean you have to have something selected for those. If you don’t want text in your design or don’t feel a graphic is necessary, then don’t select anything. That’s what’s great about the customizer, you can choose exactly what you want.

The Customizer Explained

If you are having problems understanding how the customizer works, look at the topics below and select a tab to learn more. If you still have questions give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you though your problem.

Click on a tab to learn more:

Product Options and Color

Some of our products offer unique options like different shapes or orientations and printing styles. Not every product offers product options. If the product you are customizing has a product options tab select it to see what kinds of options are available.

Product Colors

Select an imprint color by clicking or tapping on one of the available options, the preview image should update immediately showing the selected product color.

All of our products have color options. The variety of colors that you can use when you are customizing varies on a product by product basis. We make a great effort to match the colors you see on screen with the actual product color.

Imprint Colors

Select an imprint color by clicking or tapping on one of the available options, the preview image should update immediately showing the selected product color.

Each of our product have many different color options to choose from. Most of our products offer one color option for you to print onto your select products. Most of the colors on our products are printed with a process called foil stamping. Foil stamping is the application of colored pigment, metallic, matte or opaque color print colors to a material. A heated die is stamped into the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the product.

Foil stamping is a beautiful and striking printing process but has some limitations. We have built these into the application so you may see that certain typefaces can only be used within specific size ranges and there are size limitations to the graphics that you can use. All this will insure that your design will print beautifully!


Once you expand the Text section of the customizer, you can enter your first line of content or the first letter of your monogram. Select a typeface and point size by clicking or tapping on one of the available options, the preview image should update immediately showing your text and selections. At that point, you can either add another text box or continue to the next step. You can change the font and point size for every line or select the "Use the same typeface and point size for all text" at the top of the Text Section. You can use the plus and minus buttons on the product to make the text bigger or smaller by a single point size.

If you are building a monogram, put each letter in it's own text box and drag the letters into place or use the Alignment tools to achieve the monogram positioning you are hoping for. If your text is cut off or a red box appears, you will need to select a smaller font size or move your text around to fit in the imprint able area of the product. We do professionally typeset each order, but are not responsible for spelling and grammar mistakes. Please enter and check over your text very carefully. 


Once you expand the Graphic Section you will have three choices. You can scroll through our 650+ designs arranged by category, search for a design in the search box, by typing your word, then clicking go or you can upload your own design by clicking the tab on the top right. Please follow directions below for Uploading Your Own Art for further explanation of this choice.

Select a Graphic by clicking or tapping on one of the available options, the preview image should update immediately showing your selection in its default size. If you would like to see the graphic in a different size, click on the graphic in the preview and select L, M or S (Large, Medium or Small). If you would like to change the graphic, just select a different graphic and the preview will show the new design. You can also delete the graphic at anytime by clicking the red minus button. 

Moving and Positioning

During any step of the Customizing Process, you can drag any of the individual elements or a group of elements to your desired position by holding down the mouse button on the part you are moving. If you would like to drag your entire design, make sure you are selecting in the outside bounding box of your elements. You can view this box, by selecting "Show Guides" directly under the Product Preview.

You can also use the Alignment section to align each element or the entire design. For example, if you want your graphic centered above your two lines of text you will select Center under Align Individual Objects, then to center the entire design on the Napkin, you will select Center then Middle under the Align Complete Design selection. Your design will be imprinted as closely to the preview as possible. 

Uploading your Own Art

You can upload your Custom Artwork under the Graphic Tab by selecting the Tab on the right entitled Upload Your Own Design. Select the Black Button that says Upload Your Design. Name your Custom Art File, Browse for the High Resolution Black and White PDF, EPS or AI file on your computer, select your file, then click the Upload button. At this point a thumbnail of Your Artwork will appear below under Your designs. You will select the design and it will appear in the Product Preview immediately. To scale your design, click on the design in the Product Preview and scale by grabbing one of the corners and dragging to make the design bigger or smaller. You will receive a high resolution PDF proof after your order is placed and will work directly with one of our designers to make sure your Custom Artwork is imprinted to your specifications.

Below are the specifications for how to save your Custom Art File.

  • Save your black and white artwork as a PDF, EPS or AI file
  • Choose the 'Embed All Fonts' option in artwork that contains text/fonts
  • Create the PDF using a resolution of 600-1200 dpi at 100% of final size. This has to be done when you save the original file to the PDF. Please note that you cannot take artwork that has a low resolution (DPI) and increase it to make it higher quality

Saving Designs

Once you have finished building your design, you will want to select the "I'm Finished" button. Once you have done that, you will be able to change your quantity and check out, or Save the Design for later. You will have to log-in to have this option available to you. Once you save your design, you can email it to a friend, family member or client to get their approval. When you are ready to come back and purchase the designed product, just login and go to Saved Designs. You can edit your design or add your design to your shopping cart and checkout.