Product Ordering Guideline & Use Tips

Cocktail Napkins

We recommend 2-3 per person per hour. More if you have a big drinking crowd or heavy hors d'oeuvres.

Tip: If you are having a bar and serving passed hors d'oeuvres you will want to make sure you give both the venue and the caterer napkins to use when serving. Ask them to return any unused napkins to you to take home after the party.

Luncheon Napkins

Traditionally used for the sweet table and wedding cake. You should plan on ordering 1-2 per person.

Tip: Other uses are for casual parties and home use. I use them in my home for every day serving as I think the size is best for this. If you do not have cake boxes or bags for guests to take home goodies, they will use these napkins to wrap up yummies so make sure to order extra.

Dinner Napkins

We suggest 1-2 per person. If you are having a buffet, you will want to order more per person so each place setting has a napkin but more are available at each buffet station.

Tip: I like Linen Like dinner napkins for more formal or festive home parties and they make your cleanup much easier!

Guest Towels

At a venue we suggest 1-2 per person. For a home party, we suggest 1 per person as you probably have cloth towels in your powder room!

Tip: Put ¾ of your guest towels in the ladies room and ¼ in the men's room as well. Sorry to say, men don't use them as much as women will! Have a trusted male guest check half-way through your party and if a large stack remains give to a woman to replenish the ladies room!


Order a smaller quantity than you have guests - especially if you are ordering cocktail napkins. They look great if you are having a cigar bar or other traditional “Man” area at your party. They are also super fun for the AFTER Party!

Tip: Try “don't take my drink I'm dancing” coasters at each table for guests to place OVER their cocktail so servers do not remove their drink! This small investment could save you TONS in disposed of cocktails! We also love coasters used as an informal guest book - try our “Advice to the Bride and Groom” coasters and find a creative way for your guests to display them and collect later. We like using a scrap book with old fashioned photo corners to hold the coasters in place!

Stir Sticks

We suggest one per person if you are having a full bar. Less if you have heavy beer and wine drinkers!

Tip: Stir Sticks can also be used as food skewers or cut down to adorn cupcakes!


This is a tough one and will really depend on your party! Call and ask us what we think!

Place Cards

One per person if each guest will have their own or less if couples will share a place card (Mr. & Mrs....) ! We see this mistake made all the time.

Tip: Be sure to order extras for errors when doing calligraphy and last minute changes or additions.


We suggest one per person either handed out when guests walk into the ceremony or one placed on each seat.

Tip: If your ceremony has an unusual twist or guests need “help” understanding, this is a good place to explain what is going to happen. It is also the appropriate place to thank people or mention dearly departed family.

Goodie Bags/Candy Bar Bags

We suggest one per person.

Tip: Couples may share one bag so you can probably do less if you have mostly adults but more if you have lots of children!

Out of Town Welcome Bags

We suggest one per room not one per person!

Tip: We like to fill ours with items that are unique to the city/region/theme of your event. Also make sure to include a hand-written note as well as an itinerary of events, locations and phone numbers. If your hotel can assign rooms ahead of time, you can also provide a room list of other out of town guests. These can get expensive to fill so be creative!

ForYourParty: The Personalization Experts

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