Zihan, Production & Graphic Designer

23 May
for your party graphic designer

Hello! I am a Chinese girl who grew up in the world’s second most populous city proper—Beijing. In the beautiful autumn of 2015, I moved to Valparaiso, Indiana for my master’s degree in Digital Media. You would never guess that I majored in Transportation Engineering before I came to the US! Experiencing the big differences in the cultures, languages, environments and even my majors of study was really impressive. Influenced by one of my professors, I got a crush on graphic design, especially typography, and planned to begin my career as a graphic designer. Fortunately, I found For Your Party where I enjoy working with the wonderful team!

How would you describe your design style?
My design style tends to be neat with as few colors as possible. I adore neat, clean design, which you can even see in the outfits I wear in my daily life! I believe 2-3 colors on an entire product can emphasize content the best, a concept I also use when choosing fonts in a design. Less is more! I was very keen on playing with fonts to design one-color typography when I was in graduate school, and that laid my design foundation and influenced my future design concept a lot.

What are your current favorite font combinations?
We have numerous great combinations here on For Your Party. If I have to choose though, Stuyvesant and Trajan are my favorite font combinations when making a custom design. Trajan has the perfect combination of the serif and the weight. The small and well-designed serifs are like shiny stars around the font. The movement of our Stuyvesant font exudes a joyful feeling that I love. To me, the styles of the fonts complement each other well to convey happiness in their design!

personalized goodie bags

Describe your perfect Saturday? 
Staying with a few friends and cooking our favorite authentic Chinese food is definitely my perfect Saturday plan! It is actually what I typically do most Saturdays. Cooking is something of a “secondary job” in my life. I have always loved to learn how to cook local food from north to south China. My friends and I all love hot pot and spicy food. When we get together, we take almost 2 hours to eat dinner and chat. Then, we will make and taste some superior tea. Oh, now I feel a little hungry!

What’s your favorite FYP product?
I personally like our 30 strike matchbooks a lot. The size is perfect, just large enough to have space for a beautiful design. I also like that it comes in our shimmery paper colors. Not only are these colors beautiful, but foil stamp shows very well against this paper.

personalized matchbooks from for your party

Where do you get inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my daily life. I have the habit of observing everything around me, especially when I am driving, taking public transportation, eating or out walking. There is research that says the average American sees as much as 16,000 brands every single day! Every brand has designers to design every logo, design and layout. So that gets me inspired—a lot by observing, thinking and learning.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
If I were a dog, I would be a white husky! I'm a little afraid of dogs, but I do feel excited when I see a husky (of course, I keep away from them). Every time I see one though, I like how energetic and athletic they are. Love their thick double coat as well!

pretty husky dog

What’s your favorite travel destination?
This summer I traveled to California, and I didn't want to leave San Francisco. I like the strange weather, nice views and that "international orange" bridge. The memories I have from there popped up often after I came back. I would love to travel back and stay for some more time!

San Francisco, California
San Francisco, California

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
Gyu-Kaku is my favorite restaurant in Chicago. They provide authentic Japanese barbeque, but the most fun part is that they let you cook the meal! There, everyone can be an expert cook. The meat quality is excellent as well. If you have not been there, you should try it!



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