Quick Cleaning Tips to be Party Ready

26 Dec
cleaning tips for holiday parties

It's the most wonderful time to throw a party! We hope that you are all having a lovely holiday season filled with laughter, family, friends, food and parties to remember. Christmas has come and gone (so quickly!), but there are certainly many more occasions to be had — belated holiday parties, Kwanzaa has begun and New Years is around the corner. With all these festivities, it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget the reasons for each celebration. Having company over? Skip the stress with a few quick cleaning tips to have your home company ready in no time. 


1. Focus your energy 

No need to clean what people won't see. Focus on the rooms where the party will be held. Also, resist the urge to go all in and start deep cleaning while you have the vacuum out. Leave spring cleaning for the spring! 


2. Clean the bathroom

Quite possibly the only room that you'll want to 'clean-clean' is the bathroom. Get out the scrub brush and do a quick clean of the bathroom(s) guests will be using. Of course, if you're just hosting a dinner party, skip the shower! Wipe down the mirror, sink and toilet. Give the floor a quick sweep, empty the trash and put out extra toilet paper. Light a pretty smelling candle and violà! 


3. De-clutter

Again, deep cleaning is not always necessary. Picking up out-of-place 'stuff and things' is one huge step in the right direction of having a room look clean. Straighten up the odds and ends, put away that stray pair of shoes and try to talk your dog into not moving her bowl across the room when you're not looking. 


4. Are you using the kitchen?

If the kitchen will be a part of your entertaining space, be sure to clean the dishes and take out the trash. An empty sink does wonders for a clean kitchen. Pro tip: if you have the time, try to leave the dishwasher empty for expedited post-party cleanup. Clear off and wipe down the counters and give the floor a good sweeping as well. 


5. Surfaces and floors

You're almost done! Give all your open surfaces a once over with a dusting cloth, then vacuum the floors. 

And you're finished! If you find yourself with a couple minutes to spare, a few well-placed candles bring a polished and homey touch to any room. Best of luck cleaning, and we wish you the best party ever!