New Product: Personalized KN95 Masks

12 Feb

by: Rose Smith

Great news! For Your Party now has personalized KN95 masks! As we all continue to best navigate the ongoing pandemic, we are happy to offer you custom KN95 masks  for your weddings, parties and other milestone events. Celebrations have taken on a different look over the last year, but with custom disposable face masks and other wellness products, we can make the best of things! 

Provide your wedding guests with personalized KN95 masks from For Your Party!

Custom KN95 Masks Available in Bulk

It can be hard to get a hold of KN95 masks in bulk, but with For Your Party, you can order large quantities and personalize them to your exact specifications. Available with foil stamping in silver or gold, you are sure to love the way your personalization pops. 

Personalized KN95 Masks for Your Wedding or Event

Your guests will be relieved when they find out that you’ve secured the best personalized masks for your wedding or party. When planning a gathering during a pandemic, it’s crucial to provide your guests with masks and hand sanitizer  as part of their party or wedding experience. 

Create personalized KN95 masks with For Your Party!

Custom Brand KN95 Masks for Your Business

Does your business require you to be out in the world, working with people? If so, create custom branded KN95 face masks with your business logo to spread the word about your work, as well as keep yourself and your clients safe. From salons to photographers, shops to restaurants, branded face masks will level up your brand awareness and keep your services top of mind.

Personalize a Stack of KN95 Masks for Personal Use

Is keeping up with the changing health recommendations making you question your family’s stash of cloth masks? Create a design for your family and stock up on personalized KN95 masks to give you that extra measure of protection that is being recommended these days! Double masking will be no problem when you have a stack on hand.

design custom KN95 masks from For Your Party

KN95 Mask Details

-Maintain a snug fit with elastic ear loops

-Reduce fog on your glasses with bendable nosepiece

-Benefit from the same filter rate as N95 masks (over 95%)

-Buy in bulk for best prices

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