Lesley, Lead Graphic Designer

31 Mar
graphic designer personalized party favors

Hola! I’m Lesley, and I was born and raised in Chicago (with a stint in San Antonio, Texas). My journey to ForYourParty was a little roundabout. I originally started my college experience attending Benedictine University studying Chemistry. However, soon realizing that the sciences were not the route that I wanted to continue, I transferred to the International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT). Here I received my BFA concentrating on Advertising. 

While in school, I had an internship that I loved, working with Habitat Brokerage. Post-grad, they hired me as a freelancer working with the Marketing Department and helping my mentor design promotional materials for the company. Unfortunately, this was about the time when the housing market started to decline, so soon enough the company was sold.

That is when, fatefully, I was interviewed by the only other 2 FYP employees at the time (Sari, our president, was on vacation). They must’ve really liked me and my work because shortly enough, I was hired! I met Sari my first day on the job, and our company started its newest journey with the 3 of us designers and Sari. It has been an adventure ever since! Nine years later, I am now the lead designer for our talented team that has grown to twelve.

How would you describe your design style?

I would describe my design style as being bold and illustrative. Below is a personalized Cocktail Napkin I recently designed for a customer’s birthday. Don’t you love our Gold foil!?

personalized cocktail napkin birthday napkins

Where do you get inspiration?

To get inspired I am constantly reading books, blogs, articles I also listen to music and attend lots of concerts. I also visit one of the many museums we have here.

Describe your perfect Saturday?

My perfect Saturday would be getting to gym early–I’m a powerlifter—and it’s empty. Then, I would meet up with friends, and we would go to different breweries where we would laugh, eat and drink. Then, I would go home to unwind and hang out with my dog. 

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

I wouldn’t be a specific breed, I would like to be a mixed breed, so that I can be unique in my appearance as well as in my behavior. My dog is a mixed breed of (we think) German Shepard and Jack Russell, and I wouldn’t change that!

German Shepard and Jack Russell mix

What’s your favorite travel destination?

My favorite place to travel, wow, there’s so many places I have fallen in love with! But if I had to pick one, I would have to say Mexico. For me, Mexico is like home away from home. Being of Mexican descent, every time I go to visit it’s a very interesting feeling—it’s like being home, but seeing everything with new eyes, like a child. The food is amazing, there are so many art museums, so many places to see. The culture is warm and inviting while also very interesting and intriguing.

Mexico tourists
Mexico tourists
Mexico tourists
Mexico tourists

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is Revolution Brewing! They have great food and amazing beers!

Revolution brewing Chicago, IL
Revolution brewing Chicago, IL