Lauren, Graphic Designer

5 Jul


for your party graphic designer for personalized party accessories

I’m a Chicago(land) girl through and through—born and raised in the good old western suburbs. It’s funny how even if you just live near Chicago, you are “from” Chicago!  I went to Elmhurst College for my bachelor’s degree. While I started college thinking I’d be a teacher or a physical therapist, halfway through I did the most impulsive thing in my life thus far and switched my major to art. (My parents were not super excited.) My design career has definitely taken the scenic route with some stopovers in retail and as a rhythmic gymnastics coach. I landed at FYP in October 2016 as a Graphic Designer and love working with the team here!

How would you describe your design style?
I am a practical person who also really likes PRETTY things! I try to make this dichotomy work for me in the design process. Logical, clean designs that make good use of space but also have a little bit of fun and flair. I feel like this “Oh Baby” design I did for our recent Designer Balloon launch exemplifies my ideal style.

pink designer balloon for a baby shower

What are your current favorite font combinations?
Fonts, like people, are just so full of personality. Lately, I like my fonts to be a little quirky, like Naive Inline, The Hand and Tasty Two.

personalized cocktail napkins

What’s your favorite FYP product?
I think our Goodie Bags are fantastic! They are so full of potential, I personally like to imagine them fulfilling their destiny by holding donuts or sweets after a fun party!

custom goodie bag with foil stamping for personalized party favors and gifts

Where do you get inspiration?
Inspiration comes from everywhere in life: nature, books, movies, art exhibits. I try to spend time exploring new things and places to keep my brain creative and energized.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
I would like to imagine that I would be a beautiful, smart, majestic being like my dog (he’s a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix). I would most likely be a cat though—somewhat introverted, small bursts of exertion and lots of napping!  

cat sleeping and dog looking out the window

What’s your favorite travel destination?
I haven’t traveled extensively enough to say I have a favorite destination. However, my family and I have been exploring the natural wonders of the U.S. lately, and every place we go just blows my mind! I highly suggest marveling at how close the stars appear in the mountains of Utah, how magnificent Old Faithful is up close and how majestic it is to stand at (or near) the top of the Rocky Mountains.

old faithful


mountains in utah