Katie, Production & Graphic Designer

31 May
For Your Party graphic designer for personalized party accessories

I grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan and could not have been luckier. I practically lived at the beach every summer, and I take every opportunity to go back home. I do have roots in Chicago, where my dad is from, so you know, go Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks! I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in advertising, concentrating on the creative. It took me a while to get there; I started in English, then moved to film, then advertising management, but one day I looked over and realized the creative people were having tons more fun, so here I am! After college, I worked in Grand Haven for a while at a print shop before deciding to move to Chicago where I found the lovely ladies of FYP.

How would you describe your design style?
Bold and simple. I love working with all kinds of simple shapes: triangles, hexagons, circles with different colors and styles. There is so much you can do with very simple elements.

What are your current favorite font combinations?
I started using Bebas a few years ago and thought the font was my little secret, turns out it's very popular. I love the bold style and the clean lines—plus it looks great with any fancy script.

best day ever personalized cocktail napkin

Describe your perfect Saturday?
My perfect Saturday would probably start at the pool or anywhere near water, laying in the sun and reading a good book. Then, a freshly made sandwich (my favorite food) for lunch. Then dinner with friends or family. And I would definitely end the night with a movie or TV. I love watching old movies and have seen too many TV shows to list, I hate not knowing what people are buzzing about, so I watch it all.

What’s your favorite FYP product?
I love the sparkler sleeves. What a fun idea for any outdoor party! The child in me still loves sparklers and customizing them as party favors is so fun. These would be perfect for any party on a Grand Haven summer night.

party sparkler sleeves

Where do you get inspiration?
Everywhere. I love looking at street ads in Chicago mixed in with the graffiti and finding design where it’s least expected. I’m usually the only one on my commute not looking at her phone, but instead critiquing the bus ads. I also love vintage designs like old travel postcards or Mad Men era advertising. I recently made some vintage looking national parks posters for my family with pictures from our visit to Zion National Park.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
I’ll be honest, we never had dogs growing up, so I’ve never had a strong preference. Recently my brother adopted a dog, and it’s the first time I’ve fallen for a four-legged creature. Tucker is a mixed breed, we have no idea what exactly since he was rescued from the side of the road. I’d probably be something like that. A lovable, quirky, mystery.

cute mixed breed dog

What’s your favorite travel destination?
Anywhere I haven’t been yet. I’d love to make my travel list as varied as possible, whether it’s the other side of the planet, in Bali, Indonesia, or up North Michigan, I take every opportunity to travel.

tropical travel destination

What ’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
I haven’t been here long, but I already have a go-to place for a hangover cure. The Windy City Cafe is a perfect breakfast (or late breakfast) spot. I love their eggs benedict or BLTA, but especially their waffle fries—with a bucket of ranch, please!

Chicago Windy City Cafe

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