Ilse, Production & Graphic Designer

9 Jul graphic designer of personalized party supplies

I was born in a small town in Mexico, just a few hours south of Mexico City. However, I was raised in Chicago and am so proud to be a part of both places as they have made me who I am today. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by art, graffiti and small creative shops. There is just so much around Chicago that can inspire you! So from a very young age, I knew I wanted to work in the creative field. I was constantly drawing and creating things like posters or greeting cards. I even had my own logo design that I would sign on the back of anything I created.

I went to Harrington College of Design for my bachelors in graphic design. My college years taught me a lot about my love for working with typography, which brought me to where I am at today! I love working with the small details and making something that seems so simple become extravagant. Which is why working at For Your Party is perfect for me! I get to do that all day and see people's event designs come to life.

Now I've been working with For Your Party for a short time, and I absolutely love it. All of the designers and staff at For Your Party are so sweet and always willing to help. I get to work with typography and tiny details all day which makes it exciting to come to work. There is a lot to look forward to coming into work, including the work, the people, the aesthetic, the rewarding feeling you get seeing customers products in action and the dogs! I worked with dogs for a long time, so seeing dogs in the office daily makes it feel like I am right at home!

How would you describe your design style?
I would say that my design style is very organized, minimalist and fresh with a playful and bold punch. I like things to be read easily while still making the design fun to look at and styled so that it will still stick out in your mind. I like to work a lot with typography for this reason. It is a great way to express a mood or a feeling but is simple enough to be legible. You can also use it to create something completely abstract and beautiful that is so strong and creates a feeling within the viewer.

What are your current favorite font combinations?
It's so hard to choose just one font combination but I really love pairing script fonts like Carolyna Pro Black with Mrs. Eaves Petite Caps like this cocktail napkin. It gives a fun and ornate feeling added with a sophisticated and clean design.

best day ever wedding cocktail napkins

Describe your perfect Saturday? 
My perfect Saturday is usually spent with my husband and my family. We love going over to their house, making a lot of food, listening to music and sipping a few craft beers. I like to keep my weekends pretty quiet and chill. Then, we end the night going over to our local Mexican dessert place and get something to satisfy our sweet tooth. My favorite is the papaya popsicle!

What’s your favorite FYP product?
My favorite FYP product is the napkins. My husband and I have a tradition that whenever we would go out to dinner, we would write a little memory on the napkin, with the date, what we're celebrating and a little drawing. So when I found For Your Party, and how important the little details are, I knew I had found were I belong. The napkins are such a great way to add a personal and beautiful touch to your party. Everyone loves them and it's a small something that you can keep to remember the event!

personalized wedding cocktail napkins

Where do you get inspiration?
I feel like most of my inspiration comes from my Mexican heritage. There are so many wonderful artists to look up to, such as Frida Kahlo and Gabriel Orozco. Frida has this sense of hard femininity without being too obvious, so I think anyone can connect to her paintings in a special way. Gabriel Orozco’s sculptures, drawings and photography can be so uniform that it inspires placement and the use of the grid. I’ve been able to visit Mexico a lot in my life since I have family there. Each time I go I find something else to be inspired by. The culture itself, the festivities, Day of the Dead—these are all great things to see when I am looking for inspiration and energy. Also, the architecture is so beautiful and colorful, it's impossible not to get sidetracked and start finding color palettes within the country. Small town or big city, there is just so much beauty you can find for whatever you need.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
I think I would be a Yorkshire Terrier.  They are very bold, sassy, confident, independent and courageous. Just don’t let that fool you, no matter how independent they might be, they’ll play you to get pampered and attended to. They are just overall one of the most surprising small breeds that I have ever come across. We have 3 Yorkies in the family. Oswald is mine and he lives up to the Yorkie name. He is tiny but mighty. We go to forest preserves and state parks a lot like Starved Rock in Oglesby, IL. You can see him just flourishing in his surroundings. He wants to explore and enjoy his freedom and 8 miles later, when I can’t take another step, he’s ready to take on more!

Yorkshire Terrier

What’s your favorite travel destination?
I love traveling back to my roots. I love going back to see where I was born. There is always so much to do since it's such a busy area. We can travel up to the suburbs of Mexico City where there is almost always an art or vendor festival. There are also so many historic spots that you can travel to. You can go to the pyramids and climb as many as you can, which is one of my favorite things to do. I will always recommend a visit to Tepoztlan to take a hike and see the pyramid at the top of the mountain. Last but not least, the food is amazing! The tacos and other Mexican food taste so much better because everything is made with such fresh ingredients!

We went to Mexico a few years ago for El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and it was the most amazing time I have ever had. I was so inspired by all of the colors and celebrations that you can feel were filled with love and passion! I was able to help my grandma set up the Altar for all of my ancestors including my grandpa, which is one of my biggest inspirations for how I live my life. I am lucky to have family truly living in Mexico to see what life is like and to have an authentic experience every time I visit.

Tepzteco pyramid in Mexico

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
There is so much good food in the city of Chicago. I think I would have to go with Bellwether Meeting House & Eatery at 302 East Illinois Street as being my favorite. It is right by the AMC River East, which makes it a great date corner. You can stop in for dinner (the food is amazing!) and drinks, then walk a few steps to go see a movie. They have the most incredible burgers and change up their appetizer menu depending on the season! The whole place has such a great overall ambiance. It is sophisticated without feeling too stuffy. I truly have a strong love for Bellwether—it's actually the first place my husband and I went on our first date. It also happens to be where we went to celebrate our courthouse wedding! On top of all that, the staff is so incredibly nice that when they found out it was where our love started, they gave us a few glasses of champagne on the house. Cheers!

Bellwether Meeting House & Eatery Chicago