Grace, Marketing Communications Manager

1 Aug staff

Where are you from? How did you end up at FYP?
Nashville, Tennessee is my forever home! A southern girl born and bred, Chicago is my first experience living north of the Mason-Dixon. I stayed in Tennessee for college, spending my freshman year wondering if I really could swing it as a teacher my whole life (no), before wisely transferring to a state school and changing my major to the communications field. After graduating with a degree in public relations with a bit of marketing and economics thrown in, I worked for our state arts agency for a couple of years. Arts education works, people!

By this time, I decided that, while I loved my home city and all of its wonderful people with my whole heart, it was time to experience something a little different. Chicago had been calling for a few years, so I committed to the idea and, through the beautiful powers of networking, eventually found myself chatting with ForYourParty’s President Sari Mintz about creating a dedicated marketing position at the company! I moved up on a Friday in the middle of winter (always a good idea) and started working with FYP that Monday. Since then, it’s been a year and a half of working in a creative and energetic office in an industry that celebrates living in every fabulous detail. Couldn’t love it more!

How would you describe your writing and creative style?
My writing style aligns pretty naturally with the voice of FYP—friendly, fashionable and informative with a punch of good humor. Although, I do tend to lean a bit on the wordy side. There are just so many details to share! In my writing, I’m open, detailed, lively and just a tad flowery. My creative style overall is pretty much the same. I like to dabble in hand-lettering, calligraphy, crochet and embroidery, most often creating designs and word art that are also cheery and feminine.

grace creative style

Describe your perfect Saturday?
Current fav way to chill on a Saturday actually starts with the gym. Waking up just in time to sit with a cup of coffee then make my OrangeTheory class is the perfect endorphin filled beginning. Seriously, there’s something so satisfying about starting the day sweating while planning to be 100% lazy the rest of the day. The day will feel productive no matter what follows!

Post gym will find me making lunch at home with my roommate and snuggles with Marlin, the house pup. Then, let the chill time ensue. Maybe I’ll read a book, maybe I’ll paint my nails, maybe I’ll light a few candles and spend 5 hours playing with my recent contemporary embroidery obsession. Finally, I’ll finish out the day by taking way too long to get ready for dinner and then heading out with a few friends to try whatever interesting restaurant is on the menu.

What’s your favorite FYP product?
Foil stamped napkins are always the perfect party or bar cart addition, of course, but I also think our classic matchboxes are fabulous. They’re just the right size, and I love that both sides can be personalized. We have lots of candles at my house, and a little matchbox with a pretty design covering an entire side is a super cute accent. A party favor that will actually be used after the event. What more could you ask for!?

personalized matches for party favors

Where do you get inspiration?
Inspiration is a pretty incredible thing since it can come from so many different sources but still influence the same aspect of your life—in this case, creativity. Since I’m all about the words, both in writing and lettering, words themselves are where I find a lot of spark. They might come to me written in books, blogs or even scrolling through those oh-so-very-satisfying hand-lettering videos on Instagram. A word or phrase might also jump out from a song or conversation. There are usually sticky notes with quotes that struck me floating around my purse, desk and room. You can also find a running list of words in a note on my phone. Ya never know when you’ll need one to mix things up a bit!

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
Honestly, I’m not super familiar with my options here. Claim to fame, I went to a dog beach for the first time ever this week. It was an experience. Name a dog that fits in a purse, and we’ll call her me. I feel like those little guys have the reputation of being frilly and feminine. But at the end of the day, how practical to have a pup that fits in shoulder bag!? I’m definitely a ‘girly-girl’ and love the pretty things of life, but I’m also a pretty practical person. Plus, being of the handbag variety means the dog is pretty much always by their human’s side. I’m one of those forever loyal types, ride-or-die, will never get over that first love interest of the first season of the tv show that’s now in season 10. Definitely translates to the purse dog, right?

What’s your favorite travel destination?
My parents are super into hiking and camping and have always been wonderful in taking my siblings and me along on their adventures. They’re trying to hit up all of the big national parks across the states. We’ve been out west a few times now, and my favorite hike would have to be the one off of Highway 1 in California where we started in the Redwoods and ended up looking out over the Pacific Ocean. I think the variety of landscape we have here in the U.S. is pretty fantastic. The way that trail ended, having to top a hill before seeing the ocean, was like climbing out of one world into another.

pacific ocean hiking off highway 1
pacific ocean hiking off highway 1

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
If you knew me, you’d know I have the teeniest fondness for donuts. One might call it an obsession, others an addiction. I prefer to go with a balanced diet—gotta get that 20% somewhere, right? I’m happy to inform you that for my birthday last year, I chose to forgo the bars and went on a donut crawl in downtown Chicago. Favorite destination? Hands down, the Doughnut Vault. So delicious; so worth the wait.

doughnut vault chicago