FYP-Approved Spring 2020 Manicures Ready for An Engagement 

20 Feb

We’ve all seen the beautiful just-got-engaged pictures on our social media feeds. You know, the ones where a perfectly manicured hand is displaying a gorgeous ring on their left hand, showcasing to the world their excitement for their next chapter! These pictures are all well and good, but what if you aren’t prepared? Here is one tip that we can offer to all styles of men and women who have even the slightest inkling that their big moment may be coming any day/week/or month now: try to have your nails looking nice! You’ll want that memory forever and to be quite honest, we don’t want that memory tainted by a chipped nail or chewed off nail polish.

Don’t believe us that people really care about these ring pictures? Our friends at Allure took the time to detail a tweet that went viral in November of 2018, as a newly-engaged woman employed her cousin to model her engagement ring for her “aww”-worthy photo! That stated, let’s acknowledge there are so many different women with fabulous aesthetics and styles, so the mani’s we’ve selected may not tickle your fancy, but they’ve certainly tickled ours!

Whether it’s for your big day or for the ultra-prepared who may need to model a ring at any moment, here’s what we love for our 2020 brides! All designs are compliments of the talented, always on-trend artists, some guest techs from around the world, at the shops of Vanity Projects, located in New York and Miami. Ready to save some pics on your phone to have handy for your hometown nail tech? We’ve even provided you OPI color dupes to mimic your favorite look, so let’s get our fingers nice and fancy!

Color Palette 1: Red Carpet Modern

Get Proposal Ready with Fab 2020 Spring Colors for your Manicure
Beautiful Spring 2020 Color Palette for Pre-Proposal Manicures
Dramatic Manicure Inspiration for Potential Proposals

Color Palette 2: Wildflowers

Get Your Nails Proposal Prepared with FYP's Color Palettes
Totally Gorgeous Spring Manicure Inspiration curated by For Your Party
Unique Spring Color Palette for Proposal Ready Nails

Color Palette 3: Glam Rock

Bold Blue Design for Spring Manicure
Sparkling Manicure Option for Spring Proposal Readiness
Spring Manicure Options for Proposal Ready Hands

Color Palette 4: Golden Love Story

Fab Spring Manicure Options from For Your Party
Gorgeous Spring Manicure Inspiration for Proposal Ready Fingers
Spring Manicure Inspiration from For Your Party


Palette 1: Red Carpet Modern

Image 1 Nails by: @___floweryang___ (based out of NYC)

Image 2 Nails by: @misako_nails (based out of NYC)

Image 3 Nails by: @natchumnails (based out of NYC)

Palette 2: Wildflowers

Image 4 Nails by: @fleuryrosenails (based out of NYC)

Image 5 Nails by: @natchumnails (based out of NYC)

Image 6 Nails by: @fleuryrosenails (based out of NYC)

Palette 3: Glam Rock

Image 7 Nails by: @nailsbyalohacece (based out of Miami)

Image 8 Nails by: @alicenailsvp (based out of Miami)

Image 9 Nails by: @ayumutksw (based out of NYC)

Palette 4: Golden Love Story

Image 10 Nails by: @mee_yagi (based out of NYC)

Image 11 Nails by: @nailsbyalohacece (based out of Miami)

Image 12 Nails by: @mee_kanae (based out of NYC)