Faith Latorre, Graphic Designer

22 Feb
FYP Designer Faith Latorre

I’m originally from the Detroit area and received my BFA in the beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio.

How would you describe your design style?
Minimal. Extremely minimal. Which is strange, because I consider myself a pretty extravagant person. My personal style and hand-drawn work is almost the opposite of my design style—I don’t get it. I do really love to hand-letter and play around with creating handwritten style fonts that we can then convert digitally to use as designs for customers to add to their own personalized product!

hello bathroom towel set

What are your current favorite font combinations?
Here’s the thing! I actually prefer to keep a consistent font throughout a design (minimal, right??) and typically stay away scripts. If I get CRAZY, I’ll combine a serif with a sans serif of similar style or change the font’s case (some lowercase, some UPPERCASE, some Title Case).

Describe your perfect Saturday. 
My ideal Saturday is riding my bike to meet some friends at a late brunch spot in Logan Square, where I’ll probably order a mimosa (or three) and the most savory dish on menu. After this a nice nap at home, work on some freelance design projects, then off to a local spot that has karaoke. ALTERNATIVELY, I also like spending the whole day on my couch watching The Sopranos.

FYP party set

What’s your favorite FYP product?
The wine party sets!

Where do you get inspiration?
Pinterest! It’s an unexpected place for artistic and design inspiration, but when you really dive into it, the platform is killer for taking one piece of content you find and populating your entire feed with similar content that you wouldn’t even consider finding on a Google search.

Swimming Dog

If you were a dog, what breed would you be? 
Any dog that likes to swim.

Positano Sunset

What’s your favorite travel destination?
Southern Italy, baby! Specifically, Positano.

La Scarola Italian Restaurant

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
La Scarola! It’s a quirky Italian spot in River West, I recommend if you’re a fan of leftovers that will feed you for DAYS.