Celebrating 15 Years at For Your Party!

3 Jun

15 years. 55K followers. 450K parties.

Cheers to many more years!

Here at For Your Party, we’re beyond excited to be celebrating our 15th anniversary this June! A short 15 years ago, our fabulous leader Sari Mintz launched the website from her kitchen as a one-woman show with just 4 available products. It's been a treasure to be a part of over 450,000 of your parties since then!

While we have expanded and evolved — now with a growing 20 person staff and 300+ products — Sari’s original vision of providing beautiful and accessible personalized wedding and party accessories still shines strong.

For Your Party 15th anniversary confetti celebration

In our current world that is more and more digital-centric, it’s a little hard to believe that we the public only gained access to the web in 1991! And, according to our friends over at Wikipedia, the very first online transaction was completed in ‘94. In fact, it wasn’t until the late ‘90s and early 2000s that online shopping was even considered a typical retail experience.

Now with that brief history lesson, how neat is it to be shopping with For Your Party — we entered the scene in 2004, on the forefront of online shopping! You can think of us as the OGs of online personalized party accessories. You’ve been able to design your napkins and matches online and see a preview of your creations in real time since the beginning.

For Your Party 15th anniversary custom party napkins

Skipping forward to 2019, the company is thriving. For Your Party’s bespoke product offerings continue to expand with premier selections like our gorgeous exclusive napkin patterns that were created just for you by our design team; expanded paper, color and graphic libraries; and even more to make your personalization options practically endless.

In celebration of this 15th anniversary milestone, we are committing to continuing to enrich the FYP community, product offering and world impact. This year, we plan to launch our Affiliate Invitation Design Program to expand our design community; to add an all-new retail product line that will truly make us your one-stop-shop for wedding and party details; and are committed to joining a reforestation project to pay back our environment. Can’t wait for all of you to continue along the journey with us!

foryourparty.com 15th anniversary history and future infographic
For Your Party 15th anniversary custom party supplies