Alice, Production & Graphic Designer

13 Jun
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I was born and bred in the City of Chicago and cannot be more proud (I am a little bit of a City-Snob)! Plus, I love having my friends and family close as well. Over the years, I've been to a few schools, including Wright Community College for general education, DePaul University for graphic design and Northeastern Illinois University for marketing. While working on my marketing degree, I'm also a Graphic Designer at FYP and I LOVE it—I get to be creative every single day! I love thinking of new designs and running into work the next day, excited to design!

How would you describe your design style?
I would say my design style is clean, modern and simple, like geometric patterns. Type design is my absolute favorite though; I love creating designs and graphics with fun fonts.

What are your current favorite font combinations?
I love using font families. The type designer created them together for a reason! Currently, we have the Showcase family, which includes Showcase Slab, Showcase Sans and Showcase Script. I love using these three together for a fun, contrasting, yet cohesive feel. I also love any rounded script font, such as Nickainly.

Describe your perfect Saturday?
I live close to the lake, so my perfect Saturday would be going for a walk with my dog and husband along the lakefront and “people watching.” When I was little my grandmother used to take me to the park to “people watch,” so I like to keep the same tradition! After the walk, a refreshing margarita is usually a necessity.

What’s your favorite FYP product?

I absolutely love our 30 strike matches—they are the perfect wedding gift and the perfect size. The custom matches below is the design I actually used at my own wedding last year. My favorite way to save these mementos is to fill a large, clear, glass jar with the matches and placing it on the bar, next to your personalized napkins, of course.

custom geometric wedding matches

Where do you get inspiration?
From everything! I follow a lot of designers on Instagram, but I also get inspiration every single day at work from our customers! We receive so many well-designed products each day. Sometimes I like to play a game in my head and design a graphic for a song, such as this door hanger that uses a quote from Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song, “No Church in the Wild.”

last night was mad real custom party door hanger

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
I would be a mutt! I have always had dogs growing up and they've always been mutts. My current favorite mutt is Hailey! She is a German Shepherd / Doberman / Collie mix. She looks scary, but she is actually a giant cat. Sometimes I bring her to the office with me. :)

cute dog picture

What’s your favorite travel destination?
I don’t know if I could pick a favorite. I have spent a good portion of my life on a boat with my parents, sailing the Caribbean/Central America. I think what makes travel amazing is the people you are with! One of my favorite trips I have ever taken was to Madrid and Toledo with my Mother and Grandmother (Nanny). We stayed in an Airbnb and made such great friends they even came to Chicago to visit us the following year. I absolutely loved the art museums in Spain and was lucky enough to see Guernica by Pablo Picasso at the Museum Reina Sofía. It was absolutely breathtaking! Below is a photo of Nanny and me in front of the Museum.

family vacation with grandmother and granddaughter

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
My newest favorite restaurant is the Promontory. The atmosphere is so modern and fun. There are copper pipes lining the ceilings and vines twirling around them. They use fresh and locally harvested meats and vegetables, so their menu changes on a daily basis. Plus, their cocktail menu is on point ;) There is a music venue where concerts and performances are held on the upper level, as well as a quaint outdoor patio with fireplaces. I highly recommend heading over there for a weekend brunch!

Promontory restaurant in Chicago