2020 Wedding Trends

17 Dec

A new decade of wedding trends are before us, and 2020 is already trending in some fabulous directions! From mystical atmospheres to micro-weddings, diet and allergy-conscious menus to 90s nostalgia, individuality and expression will reign supreme for wedding trends this year!

2020 Wedding Trend: Blue Suiting for Groom

Sustainable Soirees 

One trend that just keeps growing is toward greater consideration of the earth, conserving resources and eco-consciousness in wedding planning. From locally grown, farm-to-table reception food to micro-weddings with tiny carbon footprints, conscious couples are getting creative in the ways the profess their love without generating excessive waste.

Conscious Catering Menus

Wedding reception menus are more diverse and accommodating than ever, and 2020 will prove to be another year moving in that direction. Food allergies are commonplace, and more and more people are skipping meat or gluten, and accommodating for such diversity of need in your wedding guest list is no small task. Modern couples are up for the task though, and their guests are so relieved!

2020 wedding trend: allergy conscious wedding menu

Expanded Bar Options

Whether it’s by hiring a team of mixologists to pour signature cocktails, or bringing in a self-serve bar set-up, complete with a conveyor belt, 2020 wedding bars are going to take a leading role in the reception dynamic. Cheers! 

Unique Wardrobe Choices

The traditional white dress, black tuxedo combination is the last thing we should expect from couples getting married in 2020. Grooms have been increasingly creative with their attire for several years, and this year it will be even more popular. Brides are choosing vibrant wedding dress colors, florals and even pantsuits! 

2020 Wedding Trend: Self Serve Wedding Bar

Roaring 20s Inspired Themes

Of course, entering the new 20s, we can’t help but take inspiration from the glamorous 1920s for wedding décor. A glitzy, 1920s themed wedding is just the way to mark the moment this year. Feathers, luxe textiles and alllll the glamour, please!

Textiles in New Textures and Tones

We’ll continue to see rich, luxurious textured textiles, especially velvet, and many sources are saying we should expect blue to upstage traditional black, particularly in men’s suiting. We have loved the recent trend for grooms to wear colors and suit styles that reflect their taste, and we expect the 2020 trends to be really fun.

Major Floral Creativity

We can expect to see flowers, flowers everywhere this year. From bouquets to focal walls to edible flowers on cakes or in cocktails, flowers will take a primary role in wedding décor in 2020.

2020 Wedding Trend: Mystic and Magical Details

Major Mystic, Magical Moments

The mystical and magical trends of recent years show no signs of slowing down. This year, expect to see everything from energy clearing ceremonies before the wedding ceremony to on-site Tarot readings at the reception, and plenty of chrystals and geodes on hand as décor as well as for the positive energy they bring to the wedding day.

Upgraded Restroom Amenities 

As the new decade dawns, couples are curating unique experiences to upgrade the, ahem, incidental elements of their guests’ experiences. Restroom amenities have been something couples consider for quite some time, but expect to see more extravagant amenities like Tarot readings near the reception bathrooms. Slipping out of the party to use the facilities has never been so interesting!

Nod to the Nostalgic 90s 

Hold on to your aging egos, people. As crazy as this sounds, many of the couples marrying in 2020 were born and raised in the oh-so-nostalgic 1990s. This year, we’ll see the use of relics of days gone by with 90s themed receptions! As old as it may make some of the guests feel, we’re totally on board with such a fun and memorable reception theme!

2020 Wedding Trend: Extravagant Restroom Amenities like Tarot Readings


Blue Suiting photo:: Ngọc Hằng on Unsplash

Self-Serve Bar photo:: vision events via Wedding Wire

fruit grazing board photo:: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Tarot Reading photo::  Soulful Stock on Unsplash

Crystals photo::  Soulful Stock on Unsplash