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Submission Details and Creative Guidelines

For Your Party Affiliate Invitation Designer Program

Thank you for your interest in being an affiliate designer for our exclusive wedding invitations program! Please see the below guidelines for submitting your art, or click here to download. Happy designing, and good luck!


Enter Your Design


 ✦ Please submit an A7 invitation (5” X 7” with .25” bleed*) to invitations@foryourparty.com.
  You may submit multiple designs. However, do not send multiple submissions of the same design with different colorways or minor tweaks.
  Create your files in Adobe Illustrator. Your initial submission for review can be sent as a JPG, PNG or PDF file.  
  Use the following naming convention: “DesignerName_InvitationName_AffSub” for your attached files.
  Include a completed entry form with each invitation submission. You can download a copy here.
  Make sure all text is outlined and graphics are embedded.
  Landscape or portrait orientation is acceptable.


*.25” bleed - when applicable.
*final artwork must be in CMYK color mode.
*No RGB colors. You may use the Pantone® Color Bridge® CMYK/Uncoated guide, but be sure to always create your files using the CMYK build.
*All typesetting must be editable in Adobe Illustrator if chosen for publication.
*A $25 gift certificate to For Your Party will be given to each applicant.

Designing & Customizing

Things to Remember

Please submit original artwork as a part of your design. If you include parts of any purchased stock vectors as a part of your design, please disclose this information as part of your entry on the entry form. If copyright restrictions inhibit commercial distribution of any purchased vectors you used, we will ask you to alter your design or your designs may be removed from consideration.
 - Designs should be able to accommodate average-length names (about 20 characters for a full name).
 - Be thoughtful and creative with your design elements! Customers love that we offer unique, customizable details on our products, especially moveable text/design elements that allow an invitation to work with an array of styles.
 - Do not apply textures, patterns, glyphs, warped effects or flourishes on any customizable text. Also, do not use alternating colors for letters within one customizable word (i.e., keep each customizable word one color).

You are encouraged to use new and fresh fonts for your invitation designs. You must own the rights to the fonts you use. Once your design is submitted, we will research purchasing any fonts that are used. If we are not able to purchase the fonts you use, we may ask that you alter your design. Click here to view our current For Your Party Fonts List.
 - For Your Party licenses all fonts that we use for print and online, and we are not able to distribute fonts to third parties.
 - We will evaluate each font used in your winning design(s). If we don’t have a commercial license for a particular font, we will determine whether it makes sense (and is possible) to purchase. If not, we will notify you and suggest a replacement font.
 - If you have any questions about fonts or potential substitutions, drop us a note at invitations@foryourparty.com.

If your invitation is accepted for publishing, congrats! 

Please see below for next steps.



Complete Your Project


The following submission details only apply to invitation designs that have been submitted, reviewed, and chosen for publication:
Download and use our templates found here!

✦ Components & Dimensions:
Design and submit the following files using FYP templates through WeTransfer to invitations@foryourparty.com:
1) A7 invite card (5” x 7” with .25” bleed*)
2) Backside of A7 Invitation (5” x 7” with .25” bleed*)
3) A2 RSVP Card - (4.25” x 5.5” with .25” bleed*)
4) A2 Accommodations or Details Card - (4.25” X5.5” with .25” bleed*)
5) Outer Envelope Design -  (A7 - 5.25” x 7.25”)
6) Response Envelope Design - (4.375” x 5.75”)
8) List of fonts used and links to purchase, if applicable.

✦ Guidelines: 
 - Save your files with the naming convention:  “DesignerName_InvitationName_filename” (ex: JenSmith_AutumnalBlooms_A7front.ai)
 - *Make sure all text is in editable text boxes.
 - *.25” bleed - when applicable only.
 - *Final artwork must be in CMYK color mode.
 - *No RGB colors. You may use the Pantone® Color Bridge® CMYK/Uncoated guide, but be sure to always create your files using the CMYK build. All typesetting must be editable in Adobe Illustrator.

✦ Submitting Files:
Go to wetransfer.com and send files to invitations@foryourparty.com. In the message section, please include your name. 



✦ If your invitation design is selected for a prize and site publishing, then we shall pay you a lump sum cash Prize amount of $100 upon receipt of all full-resolution, ready to go files for the invitation suite.
✦ All Prize amounts are in U.S. dollars.
✦ Sales Commission: you will be paid a 10% commission on net sales of any ForYourParty.com products sold by ForYourParty.com that wholly incorporate the design or the Matching items. “Net Sales” is defined as the retail price received by ForYourParty.com from its customer. Review more details in our Terms and Conditions.
✦ Commissions shall be paid to you within 90 days from the end of each calendar quarter in which they were earned.
✦ ForYourParty.com may offer any products incorporating the design or the matching items at any price, for any amount of time in any market, at ForYourParty.com’s sole discretion.
✦ Upon selection, we will send winners a follow-up email with documents to set up payment.


Congrats, and thanks for participating!